How the original Idea came.
Last year I had saw a large QR Code in the street and thought more of a map with paths and building blocks. I questioned myself "What if each black or white block -called Modules- could be a smaller QR Code? Would there be a way to embed smaller QR Codes in it and still have the giant QR Code functioning ?
I then wrote down in my TODO list of creative projects. "Make a QR Code with mise en abyme"

This project has everything to me. It's creative, fun, will challenge me and of course the backers/supporters. I've plenty of ideas that are still developing. This crowdfunding project is bigger than me as it is also involves the input of the backers. So no one knows yet how the final poster will look like. And of course, depending on the level of support, it can become a massive game with mysteries, clues, hints hidden, easter eggs in other sites or physically in the world with of course a few prizes for the people or team -yes, you can collaborate- who will discover the correct solutions.

About me.
There's a lot about me on the web but one thing not a lot of people know except my long standing friends is that when I start the be creative you believe I'm insane. And then I get the question "Where do you get all these ideas from?