Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Updates during the crowdfunding campaign

I will do the updates on the Kickstarter platform during the campaign. These are public but some might be only for backers/supporters. You can become one for just $1 and have fun with learning about the creation process of the poster and the fun updates I plan to do.

After the campaign I might do updates on both this blog and to all backers of the campaign of course.

Some explanation here about the QR Code. It will be made of 37 by 37 modules (squares or blocks, pixels if you prefer). Each module has a name like in a crossword. An example below to find Mod AD15. This is what means [location] on this page where future QR Code backers will have their own QR Code located. But not only QR Codes will be hidden in modules. Other information and clues to solve the mysteries. More about this later during the campaign. You expected me to tell everything now? Check the campaign updates as everything will happen there.